BIRQ DESIGN STUDIO specializes in product & graphic design. We guide our clients from all over the world, starting from the initial idea up to the product’s launch.

Publishing Production

Our service includes planning, design & layout, optimization material selection, finishing.

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Book Setting & Layout

Our service includes design & layouting text and images into book forms up to the final print ready format.

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Graphic Design

We have a keen eye for form & colour. We provide customized solutions for appealing graphics and creative layouts.

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Illustration & Renderings

We specialize in product visualizations, free hand vector renders, free hand illustrations.

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Product Design

Concept Development, Concept Visualizations, Sample Making, Revisions, Production Management…

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OCR Text Scanning

We digitalize text from old books & manuscripts. We provide our clients with the PDF & text flow in document file.

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Image Editing

We process, edit, retouch & optimize digital data images.

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We serve clients who need photographs for Outdoor Lifestyle, Portrait & Event Documentation.

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